Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper

Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper is an EPA registered pesticide, 89825-1. Although it is a registered pesticide, it doesn’t kill anything. It prevents Barnacles, Zebra Mussels and Quagga Mussels from attaching to underwater surfaces. Although these three organisms are quite different they have something in common that allows Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper to work. The mussels attach themselves using a proteinaceous extrusion called the Byssal Thread. Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper prevents the Byssal Thread from attaching.

Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper is made from a patented (10,053,584) blend of pharmaceutical grade Capsaicin, which is in wax form. It is carefully blended with natural waxes in an industrial size steam kettle. When thoroughly blended, the molten product is cast in the applicator, bars and tubs. Tests by Mote Marine Laboratory show that Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper is essentially insoluble in water. That is why it can be applied UNDERWATER like a crayon. That is also why it stays put on the underwater surfaces.

Before After

Not Treated VS. Treated with Our Product

Prevents From Attaching to Underwater Surfaces


Zebra Mussels


Quagga Mussels, Lake Powell

A Few Reasons to Buy Our Products

Prevent Barnacles and Mussels From Forming

Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper® doesn’t kill the invertebrates. It prevents attachment.

Save You Time Cleaning

One application takes the place of regular scraping. You may need to do a maintenance application underwater.

EPA Safe For Marine Life

Tested and approved by an EPA certified lab. Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper® is essentially water insoluble. It quietly does its job without interacting with the environment.

All Natural Ingredients

All of Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper®’s components are produced on a farm. All natural components. All natural performance.

Save time and money with Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper®

Prevents Barnacles, Zebra Mussels, and Quagga from Forming