Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper has been tested by an EPA certified laboratory for toxicity to freshwater and marine organisms. The laboratory found that Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper, because of it’s insolubility does not harm either freshwater or marine organisms when used underwater.

The best way is to rub it on. Underwater or out of the water a thin film like “soaping a window” is the best.

Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper has the same percentage of Capsaicin as topical analgesics. Capsaicin is what makes hot peppers hot. When using Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper, you should wear latex or other protective gloves and do not touch your eyes. Other than that it is safe when used according to the label directions.

The simple answer is we don’t know. In the warm waters of Sarasota Bay, FL we get good protection up to 18 months for water lines and through hulls. When used on propellers, longevity depends on use and prop speed. We are getting 6 months or more. The beauty is that it can be touched up underwater.

In fresh water, or cooler salt water, we expect Barnacle Stop® to last longer. We have ongoing tests in the Midwest and Lake Mead to find out how long it lasts. We know that it works great for at least two seasons. We will update as data accumulates.

All of the components used in making Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper are produced on a farm.

Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper is made in Cortez, Florida. Cortez is a working fishing village in Manatee County about an hour south of Tampa on the Gulf of Mexico.

Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper can safely be applied to any underwater surface. It works equally well on fiberglass, aluminum, steel, wood, plastics or applied over existing bottom paint. It can be used to treat the funnels of crab and lobster traps. Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper is very effective when used on TRANSDUCERS.

Yes, Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper is labeled by the EPA for underwater intake grates.

Save time and money with Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper

Prevents Barnacles, Zebra Mussels, and Quagga from Forming

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