A Simple and Effective Solution

Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper is sold in four container sizes. IMPORTANT: when using any Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper product remember that the surface being treated must be cleaned. If there are any existing organisms, either microscopic or visible, they must be removed. Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper doesn’t kill anything. It prevents new organisms from attaching. Also, do not use Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper without protective gloves. Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper contains the same percentage of Capsaicin as topical analgesics. If you get into your eyes, it will burn. Please read the label.

Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper 65 Gram Applicator

The 65 gram applicator is designed for easy underwater application. It looks and functions like an underarm deodorant applicator.

Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper The 120 gram bars

The 120 gram bars can be used both under and out of the water. Underwater use them like a crayon.

Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper in the 400 gram & 3 pound tubs

This is designed to be melted and applied to surfaces out of the water. A crock pot such as the “Little Dipper” works great for melting Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper. Preheat the surface with a heat gun so it’s not hot but warm to the touch. Then paint the melted Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper on the surface.

The 3 pound tub is designed for commercial applicators using larger crock pots

Save time and money with Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper®

Prevents Barnacles, Zebra Mussels, and Quagga from Forming