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Barnacle-Blocker, LLC is a US company which was created to develop, test, manufacture and market an effective and environmentally effective antifoulant.  The idea was conceived in 2012 when Dr. Beckham, founder of the company, tired of having to clean barnacles from the props and rudders of his 36’ Prairie trawler. Bottom paint was good on the hull for about 18 months, but would wear off the running gear in 6 months or less in warm Florida waters.

A review of relevant literature reflected that people had been dabbling with capsaicin (hot pepper extract) for many years, but had yet to come up with a truly effective, durable and simple to apply product.  Following lengthy experimentation with pharmaceutical grade capsaicin in varying strengths, dispersed in different proprietary inert application/carrying materials, Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper was finally developed.

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Working with scientists at the internationally renowned Mote Marine Laboratory, a team was put together to evaluate Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper. Mote was interested because Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper appeared to offer the potential of providing an effective antifoulant which would also be safe in the marine environment.

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Separate EPA certified lab testing has confirmed that Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper is safe in both salt and fresh water.  It does not kill the fouling pests, but effectively prevents their attachment to underwater surfaces.

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Application was subsequently made to the EPA for registering Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper as an approved pesticide. The label was granted in May of 2016 under EPA Registration number 89825-1.  A Utility Patent, 10,053,584 B1, was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office in August 2018.  Barnacle Stop® is a Registered Trademark of Barnacle-Blocker, LLC.  Replicated tests in Mid-Western lakes, as well as in Lake Mead & Powell under National Park Service research permits, have all confirmed that Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper also prevents Zebra and Quagga mussels from attaching to underwater surfaces.

From municipal/industrial water intakes to both the salt and fresh water boating communities, effective/environmentally safe protection from fouling by Barnacles, Zebra Mussels and Quagga mussel is now available.  Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper can be successfully used, both in and out of the water, by following simple application procedures.

Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper was developed and patented by Dr. Lewis Steven Beckham. Dr. Beckham left the Purdue University faculty in 1976 after filing his first patent. Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper is the latest in a long string of successful inventions.

Barnacle Stop’s®/Mussel Stopper is the only capsaicin based EPA registered Antifoulant.

A Few Reasons to Buy Our Products

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Prevent Barnacles and Mussels From Forming

Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper doesn't kill the invertebrates. It prevents attachment.


Save You Time Cleaning

One application takes the place of regular scraping. You may need to do a maintenance application underwater.


EPA Safe For Marine Life

Tested and approved by an EPA certified lab. Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper is essentially water insoluble. It quietly does its job without interacting with the environment.


All Natural Ingredients

All of Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper's components are produced on a farm. All natural components. All natural performance.

Save time and money with Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper

Prevents Barnacles, Zebra Mussels, and Quagga from Forming

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