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Barnacle-Blocker, LLC’s product, Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper®, is a new innovative antifoulant.

Barnacle, Zebra Mussels, and Quagga Prevention

Barnacle Stop® Features:

Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper® prevents BARNACLES, ZEBRA MUSSELS AND QUAGGA MUSSELS from attaching to underwater surfaces. It has been tested for BARNACLES in the warm waters of Sarasota Bay plus San Diego and Coos Bay. It has been tested for ZEBRA MUSSELS in north eastern and Midwestern lakes in New York, Michigan, Indiana and Minnesota. It has been tested and is in a continuing test under a National Park Service research permits for QUAGGA MUSSELS in Lakes Mead & Powell.

Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper® can be applied UNDERWATER. Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper® is a crayon-like product that a diver can apply to an UNDERWATER surface. It can also be melted in a crock pot and painted on objects out of the water.


Before After

Not Treated VS. Treated with Our Product

Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper® is safe. An EPA certified lab has confirmed that Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper® is safe is both the marine and freshwater environment. This is why Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper® must be applied to a cleaned surface. If an organism is growing on the surface it must be removed. Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper® doesn’t kill, it prevents organisms from attaching. It is endorsed by internationally recognized Mote Marine Laboratory (www.mote.org) for being friendly to the environment.

Barnacle Stop®/Mussel Stopper® is made in the USA from all natural components that are produced on the FARM. It is a blend of pharmaceutical grade Capsaicin extracted from hot peppers plus natural waxes.

The result is an easy to use, safe product that prevents BARNACLES, ZEBRA MUSSELS and QUAGGA MUSSELS from attaching.

Product Line

Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper® 65 gm Applicator

The 65 gm applicator is designed for DIY use underwater. Using dive equipment go underwater and make initial coating or touch up wear spots. Be sure and read the label directions for application

Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper® 120 gm Bar

The 120 gm Bar is a dual purpose product. It can be melted in a small slow cooker and painted on surfaces out of the water. It can also be taken underwater and used like a crayon.

Barnacle Stop / Mussel Stopper tub open

Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper® 400 gm Tub

The 400 gm Tub is designed to be put in a small slow cooker, melted and painted on surfaces out of the water. It takes about an hour to melt. The tub can also be used to rub on large surfaces. This is the best way to apply.


Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper® 3lb Tub

The 3 lb Tub is designed to be put in a slow cooker, melted and painted on surfaces out of the water. It takes about an hour to melt. The tub can also be used to rub on large surfaces. This is the best way to apply.

Prevents From Attaching to Underwater Surfaces


Zebra Mussels


Quagga Mussels, Lake Powell

A Few Reasons to Buy Our Products

Prevent Barnacles and Mussels From Forming

Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper® doesn’t kill the invertebrates. It prevents attachment.

Save You Time Cleaning

One application takes the place of regular scraping. You may need to do a maintenance application underwater.

EPA Safe For Marine Life

Tested and approved by an EPA certified lab. Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper® is essentially water insoluble. It quietly does its job without interacting with the environment.

All Natural Ingredients

All of Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper®’s components are produced on a farm. All natural components. All natural performance.

Save time and money with Barnacle Stop® / Mussel Stopper®

Prevents Barnacles, Zebra Mussels, and Quagga from Forming

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